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You might want to look here if you see it snowing outside on a Wednesday. You might find out it isn't possible to get up the hill to Church and we've canceled

This would also be a good place to look to see if Tim has had another baby and it is a boy this time. Or to see if Betty is a grandmother again or if Kim's donkeys are swimming.


1/7/2001      Saints Videos

Ignore the date. It is a placeholder. Read Below

I am putting the Videos here

1) I want to make them Available to anyone who might miss a session and
2) because you need a password to get here

The videos are copyrighted and I want to read more »

9/1/2007      Bible Translations - The Danger of Quoted Verses Out of Context

Those who quote Bible verses and then infer whole-life meaning often consider the King James Version to be the single most authoritative source. The White Paper linked below suggests that quoting verses without context is dangerous, if for no other reason, due to translation difficulties. This can said to be read more »

11/5/2007      St Joseph's Scripture/Bible Study Group will Soon have its Very Own Website

After long last, the ever popular Wednesday Evening Bible Study group at St Joseph Parish will have its very own website. Thanks goes to the Tech Committee and some convieniently spare computer equipment.

It is hoped that the website will be up and fully functional shortly. Right now you read more »

11/10/2007      Archbishop Burnett and Bishop Tyson will Celebrate Masses 11/17 & 18

St. Joseph Parish will have distinguished visitors the weekend of November 17th and 18th. Bishop Joe Tyson will preside over the two evening Masses (5:30 Saturday and 5:30 Sunday.) Archbishop Brunett will preside over the two morning Masses.

Father Rob seems to …. (log on for the rest of the read more »

11/10/2007      Bible Study Plans Christmas Party

Anyone interested in a Bible Study Christmas Party?

It has been our habit to get together for a social gathering about every other study session. If we did that same thing this year, we would only get together once. Our last gathering was a BBQ on May 23rd. We are not read more »

11/12/2007      Archdiocese Letter On the Way

The Archdiocese has drafted a letter that will be in the mail to ....

. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

. - - - - read more »

11/25/2007      Christmas Party Date Set

Twenty people have responded "yes" to our Bible Study Website Poll so we will indeed have a Christmas Party.

Victoria Lee and her husband, Art Converse have very graciously offered their house and home to this wild band of Bible Studiers. Victoria and Art live out off May Valley read more »

12/12/2007      Tonight is The Night

Not Christmas, silly.

The Bible Study Christmas Party is TONIGHT!! ...

You will find the Maps and Directions at:

. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - read more »

1/18/2008      Pictures of the Holy Land

Tim, Jennifer, Emily and Allison all went home for Christmas. For Jen, home is the Upper Peninsula (UP) area of Michigan. There are two young men from her home town studying to be Priests. Presently these two seminarians are in the Holy Lands. They have built a website and posted read more »

1/21/2008      When to Study Daniel?

There are pro’s and con’s to doing Daniel now or later during the summer. Obviously the closer to the actual study of Revelation the easier it will be to recall and connect what was learned in Daniel. On the other hand, studying Daniel during the summer means some will miss read more »